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Loving Storybird!


Monday I introduced a new tool to my Big Bad Bloggers enrichment class at Four Corners Montessori, and they really loved it! I’ve had trouble engaging them to do more than play mp3s the entire 45 minute session, so it was nice to see them actually DOING something. The enrichment course is tough for me because I run it in a totally open workshop format – which means some kids rarely do anything I consider productive.

Storybird uses high quality images to prompt student storytelling. The graphics are great and the site is free and easy to use…check it out at A sample story can be seen below:

The amazing Lulu of many things on Storybird

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“Loving Storybird!”

  1. January 2nd, 2012 at 12:22 pm      Reply mcmacfarland Says:

    Loved this inventive story of Lulu . . . Zora is also amazing!!
    Happy New Year!
    Mari Cris

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